Important changes to regulations on doorstep traders

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9 Sep 2014 - 12:15

Argyll and Bute Council’s trading standards team drawing attention to new regulations

The 7 day ‘cooling off period’ for most contracts costing more than £42 and agreed at your home has now increased to 14 days. This means that you now have 14 days in which to change your mind and cancel any work on your property.

The council is highlighting this information as it has come to our attention that traders across the area are offering to do roofing/guttering work and may not be giving consumers this information.

If you are approached by a doorstep trader you should not be pressured into agreeing to immediate work and you should never pay cash up front.

Also remember that if you ask a person to leave your property they must do so immediately.

If you feel threatened or if you suspect that a person is a bogus caller phone the police.

For further information call the council’s trading standards team on 01546 605519.