Argyll and Bute Council - referendum results

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19 Sep 2014 - 06:02

VOTES from Argyll and Bute in the Scottish Independence Referendum have been counted. 26,324 voted Yes, 37,143 voted No.

The result was formally declared by the Counting Officer for Argyll and Bute, Sally Loudon, at the referendum count in Lochgilphead Joint Campus early on Friday 19th September.

The total electorate for Argyll and Bute was 72,002 with a turnout at the polls of 88.2 per cent. The total number of votes cast was 63,516.

A total of 49 votes were rejected for a number of reasons. None were rejected due to lack of an official mark, but nine were rejected for voting in favour of both answers; one included writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified and 39 were unmarked or void for certainty.

The Argyll and Bute referendum count commenced after polls closed at 10pm on Thursday and was carried out through the night, with the result declared at 5.55am on Friday.

Alongside postal votes and proxies, votes made their way across Argyll and Bute in ballot boxes transported by car, boat, and helicopter to be counted at Lochgilphead Joint Campus.

Counting Officer Sally Loudon said: “Argyll and Bute’s diverse geography means we have to consider the logistics of a major count very carefully.  We have a very experienced team who are well used to organising the transportation of ballot boxes by air, land and sea. The knowledge of our counting staff is backed up by careful planning and a well-established process.

“Everything went extremely smoothly despite the unique challenges involved in administering a count on this scale. I would like to thank everyone involved for ensuring that Argyll and Bute’s referendum count went so well.”


Facts and figures:


4,285,323 people in Scotland had registered to vote ahead of the referendum.

The total number of registered voters in Argyll and Bute is 72,002.

There were 1,808 under-18s registered to vote.

The total number of postal votes registered, excluding proxies, is 14,409 and the proxy total (except for emergency proxy votes) is 835.

Postal vote turnout: 95.3 per cent

Turnout on the night was 88.2 per cent.

There were 63,516 votes cast.

In Argyll and Bute there were 37,143 votes for No and 26,324 votes for Yes (in order of result)

Rejected votes total: 49

Did not bear the official mark on the ballot paper – None

Voted in favour of both answers – Nine

Included writing or a mark which could identify the voter – One

Unmarked or void for certainty – 39