Raising awareness of the Gaelic language and culture in Argyll and Bute

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14 Nov 2014 - 12:34

More people are learning about Gaelic language and culture in Argyll and Bute thanks to an increasing number of opportunities being driven forward by the Furan Gaelic Language Centre.

Based in Oban, but rolling out activities to the wider Argyll community, Furan is approaching the first anniversary of being officially launched by Argyll and Bute Council and is increasingly been regarded as a drop-in centre for everyone.

With the emphasis on reaching as wide a range of participants as possible, activities are aimed at Gaelic speakers and learners, children and adults, and provides a fun, informal setting for learning and taking part.

The council established Furan – which means ‘a very warm welcome’ - in January 2014 in recognition of the integral part the Gaelic language has played in the formation of Argyll and Bute’s history and culture, and to promote the preservation of the language and the encouragement of its usage.

The wide range of activities includes regular ceilidhs, bi-lingual Bookbug sessions for children and their parents, a Gaelic quiz on topical issues, conversation groups and Friday Fun for youngsters. The centre is open as a research and drop-in centre.

Increasingly callers are popping in for advice – from the visitor from Sydney who wanted to learn a few words of Gaelic, to the mum who asked for some extra tuition for her child who was competing in the National Mod in Inverness.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Gaelic Language Plan aims to expand and promote the range of Gaelic services and resources which are available, and to increase the number of people who can speak, read or write Gaelic.

Plans include extending opportunities to Mull and Campbeltown in the near future. There are already regular bi-lingual Gaelic Bookbug sessions being held in Lochgilphead.

For information on the wide range of activities organised by Furan please call 01631 567886 or email Duncan.macneill@argyyll-bute.gov.uk

You can read the council’s Gaelic Language Plan at


and the Gaelic version is at