Argyll and Bute Council working to support victims of flooding in Campbeltown

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18 Nov 2014 - 09:49

Partnership with the Scottish Flood Forum to give people in Campbeltown immediate help

Argyll and Bute Council, working in partnership with the Scottish Flood Forum, will be providing flood victims in Campbeltown with help and support following last week’s flooding incidents.

There will be a drop-in flood advice surgery every Monday from 4pm - 7pm in the Aqualibrium running for the next few months.

Jim Smith, Head of Roads and Amenity Services at the council, welcomed this news. He said: ‘’The flood forum has extensive experience working to help communities deal with the aftermath of flooding and has been working hard to do so across Scotland over the past six years.

‘’This partnership brings the very best in support and advice to tenants, homeowners and businesses on how to cope with flooding.’’

Paul Hendy, operations director for the flood forum, said: ‘’Not only will we be hosting the drop-in events but we will be visiting homes and making sure people get the right help and advice in dealing with their insurance claim.

‘’We all know too well how damaging events like this can be. Getting the right support, information and advice is essential to the restoration process. That’s why this partnership is the best approach - we are able to ensure that, wherever possible, drying-out and property repairs are done correctly. This is something we can monitor on an on-going basis to reduce the risk of future problems.

‘’We also provide a free service to check on homes that may have been affected by the flood waters where people are unsure what damage has been caused as well as advice on preventative work you can do to protect your home or business from flooding.’’

‘’If people are not insured then we can help them too.’’

The Scottish Flood Forum services are funded by the Scottish government. There is no charge for help and support. If you need a visit, advice or information please phone Paul directly on 07747702299 or phone the council on 01546 605514.

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