School transport arrangements - Oban, Friday 30th May

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30 May 2014 - 15:41

Following a road accident between Oban and Dunbeg this afternoon, we are making arrangements to get children home from Oban High School.

Pupils can travel on the 4.10pm train from Oban calling at Connel, Taynuilt, Lochawe and Dalmally. School staff will be supervising during the journey and parents should collect their child from the station.

Dunbeg pupils will be bussed to Ganavan where they can take the public footpath home.

The school is supporting students to call home to confirm arrangements. Any pupil who is unable to make other arrangements will be looked after at the school until they are able to get home.

 We understand that people will be trying to get in touch with the school. Because of this situation, phone lines are very busy, but please keep trying and we will answer as soon as we can.”