Decriminalised parking enforcement goes live across Argyll and Bute

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15 May 2014 - 15:25

Argyll and Bute Council assumed the responsibility for parking enforcement across the council area on Monday 12th May.

By assuming the responsibility for parking enforcement, the council will be able to ensure effective traffic management in our town centres.

This move is as a result of the police no longer employing traffic wardens.

Effective traffic management has a number of benefits, including supporting our local economy by ensuring parking turnover.

Local enforcement will also safeguard access for Blue Badge holders, for deliveries, for loading and for emergency vehicles as well as ensuring road safety by managing inconsiderate and irresponsible parking.

Local enforcement will keep Argyll and Bute moving.

The council has employed new amenity wardens to enforce parking regulations across the council area, as well as addressing issues of dog fouling and littering

They will be patrolling all areas of Argyll and Bute where parking restrictions are in force.

These include, but are not limited to, areas with yellow lines, pay and display bays, loading and unloading areas, disabled bays, limited waiting areas and off-street parking areas.

To avoid getting a fine you should avoid parking in the following areas:

  • In areas where waiting and loading restrictions are in force at the time
  • In a reserved bay (e.g. for blue badge holders) without correctly displaying a valid permit
  • On mandatory zig-zag lines outside a school or by pedestrian crossings
  • On the pavement or grass verges behind waiting restrictions in force at the time
  • In a pay and display space without paying the correct amount for the duration of your stay
  • For longer than any limited waiting restriction or return to the space within the stated time limit

If you are not sure, check what is on the sign which applies to the place where you are thinking of parking.

In the first two weeks first-time offenders will be issued with a warning notice rather than a penalty charge notice (PCN).

If vehicles park illegally following one of these warning notices, they are likely to receive a penalty charge notice.

Following this two week period (from Monday 26th May), all vehicles caught parking illegally will be issued with a PCN.

In line with national guidelines, the PCN is set at £60, to be paid within 28 days. If paid within 14 days, the charge is reduced to £30. If unpaid, the charge increases to £90. Unpaid PCNs could result in the council instructing sheriff officers to pursue recovery of the debt, which may incur additional costs.

If you receive a PCN, to avoid the debt increasing, it is best to pay early.

Penalty charges can be paid through the ‘pay it’ function on the council website, over the phone to our customer service centre, in person at any of our customer service points or via paypoint at a local shop.

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