‘Tweet-a-thon’ launches more information on early years

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3 Mar 2014 - 15:35

The Argyll and Bute Council’s Early Years Service is now on Twitter, providing information on childcare, preschool education and early years. You can find them at @EYArgyllBute.

The new service was launched to share information about the latest local and national developments, to promote good practice and to support the government’s new Scottish Families Information Twitter site @ScottishFIS.

The council’s Policy Lead for Children and Families, Councillor Mary Jean Devon, said, “Each child born in Argyll and Bute deserves every chance to develop to their full potential and support, advice and guidance are provided by our early years team, working with the Scottish government, local partners and practitioners.

“The official launch of both our early years and the government’s Twitter sites was a great success, with councils all over Scotland following each other and Tweeting and re-Tweeting information. Soon they were joined by a host of organisations involved in providing training, play and storytelling.

“The importance of sharing information and good practice can’t be stressed enough and I hope this new communication channel will go from strength to strength. We would love lots of our early years friends – both near and far – to follow us and share some of the great early years stories which we love to hear from families and from lots of different early years providers.

“You can also read about the latest news from the Family Information Service, and the Early Years Collaborative, so come on, get tweeting!”

For information about the Scottish Families Information Service go to www.families.scot or @ScottishFIS

Argyll and Bute Council’s Early Years Service can be found at

http://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/early-years and @EYArgyllBute