Parade in Helensburgh - traffic arrangements, Saturday 28th June

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27 Jun 2014 - 08:30

ON Saturday 28th June the County Grand Orange Lodge Parade takes place in Helensburgh.

Significant numbers of visitors are expected and this means that the council has to take additional steps to manage parking and the movement of traffic and people in the town.

Organisers have advised of the following timings for the parade. Starting from Helensburgh’s East End Park at 11.30am, it will travel along East King Street, continue into West King Street and then turn into Sutherland Street before returning to East End Park via West Clyde Street, East Clyde Street, Charlotte Street and East King Street. The front of the parade is expected to reach the park at 12.30pm.

From 1pm organisers will host a service in the park before the parade makes its return journey. It will leave from East End Park around 2.30pm, travelling along Henry Bell Street and East Clyde Street to the pier. Again, organisers advise that the parade is due to reach the pier car park at 3pm, where it will conclude.  

The parade’s original return route was amended following the specific decision of the council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee to take account of some community concerns.

Those attending the parade will travel to the town in 60 coaches, a reduction in the number of vehicles originally forecast. Forty of the coaches will be located at the pier car park. The remaining 20 vehicles will park in Station Road and East Clyde Street.

Organisers have been asked to provide toilet facilities at both East End Park and the pier car park.

The council has been working closely with Police Scotland on a detailed traffic management plan.

On Saturday 28th June, between 9am and 5pm, East King Street will be closed to traffic between the Lomond Street and Henry Bell Street junctions. Access to local homes and businesses will be maintained, however delays are to be expected. There is an eastbound diversion via Lomond Street, East Argyle Street, George Street, East Montrose Street, Henry Bell Street and back onto East King Street. Westbound, travel via Henry Bell Street, East Princes Street, Sinclair Street and return to East King Street. 

Parking will be restricted in the following streets between 9am and 5pm on the same day: East King Street, Lomond Street, East Argyle Street, George Street, East Montrose Street and Henry Bell Street. Restrictions will also apply in West King Street and Sutherland Street between 9am and 2pm.

More details are available in the full traffic regulation orders at