Independent and confident children at Tobermory High School

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16 Jun 2014 - 12:03

Courteous children, a motivated nursery class and above average achievements have been highlighted by HM Inspectors in their report on Tobermory High School.

Inspectors found the children and young people at all stages are becoming independent learners and are beginning to take responsibility for their learning. Their learning experiences are enhanced through partnership working with parents, partners and the community.

The head teacher has a strong vision for developing and improving the school and staff work successfully together to support pupils as they move from one stage to another and to meet their learning needs.

In the nursery class, children were found to be very motivated and are developing their independence well, working in pairs and groups to complete tasks and projects both indoors and outdoors.

Children in primary 1 and 2 learned more about industry by visiting a local soap factory and following their visit, made and sold their own soap.

Pupils from S4 to S6 overall, were seen to be performing above the national average in national qualifications. All the young people are successfully moving on to employment, training or further education on leaving school.

Head teacher Craig Biddick said, “The inspection report has highlighted the very positive aspects of the learning and teaching in the school including the high quality teacher support, the excellent pupil behaviour and attitude toward learning and the fact that all senior students leave with positive outcomes.  I am also pleased that the inspection validated our improvement plans as we move to address any areas for development.”

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