Co-mingled waste set to go-live in Mid-Argyll, Oban and Lorn at the end of October

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27 Jun 2014 - 17:07

Argyll and Bute Council is set to introduce alternate weekly recycling collections in Mid-Argyll, Oban and Lorn at the end of October

This means that residents in these areas will have their green and blues bins emptied on alternate weeks.

The green bin will remain for general waste but the blue bin will now be able to take plastic bottles/tubs/trays and cans as well as paper and card.

Anyone who does not currently have a blue bin will be issued with one in October, before the new collections begin.

This new system will be more efficient and will make it easier for our residents to recycle. Residents will now be able to recycle more at the kerbside rather than having to go to recycling points as often.  

It is hoped that this new service will encourage people to recycle more.

In order to introduce the new service the council has had to alter its contract with Shanks, who currently provide waste disposal services. This contract variation is set to be signed imminently.

Household information packs with further details will be delivered to all of the affected households in September, with the new service set to begin on October 27th.

The timeline for implementation is as follows:

July 2014

Contract variation agreed

September 2014

Household information packs delivered

October 2014

Blue bins delivered

w/c October 27th

New service begins


Following implementation in these areas, alternate weekly collections for the Cowal area are set to begin in April 2015.

More details to follow