Sporty Max wins a ticket to the Commonwealth Games

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3 Jul 2014 - 16:26

You have to run to keep up with Dalintober Primary School pupil Max Graham, because he moves fast. He has attended so many sports clubs at school and in the community he has won tickets to attend the Commonwealth Games.

School pupils from all over Argyll and Bute were encouraged to take part in sports activities as part of the Glasgow Legacy 2014 Commonwealth Passport scheme.

In the scheme, participants received points for each activity they took part in. Max scored 283 points having attended a range of sports clubs winning him the coveted first prize of tickets to the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.

Other sports conscious pupils from across Argyll and Bute have been presented with medals and certificates this week.

The council’s Active Schools service has encouraged primary and secondary school pupils to take part in a Commonwealth Games Passport project which awards points for each sporting activity in which they participate both in and after school.

This supports the council’s commitment to make sure that everyone in Argyll and Bute has the opportunity to be as healthy and active as possible and that these opportunities start early – in our schools.

The Commonwealth Games is Scotland’s biggest ever sporting and cultural event and aims to see a lasting Games legacy across the whole of Scotland in the years to come.