Kilmodan Primary School pupils tread the boards to success in drama

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1 Jul 2014 - 16:53

The pupils of Kilmodan Primary School caused a drama – and won the primary school category in the Rencontres Théâtrales de Glasgow’s annual competition.

Organised by l'Institut Français d'Écosse it is a French drama competition for primary and secondary schools.

The school won 'Le prix d'excellence pour la meilleure performance' (The prize of excellence for the best performance) for their play 'La biblioteque de Lulu', based on a collection of picture books about a curious little rabbit called Lulu.

Head teacher Joyce Hawkins said, “I am very proud of how we have taken the 1+2 language learning model forward with French and Gaelic.  French has been embedded across the curriculum at Kilmodan Primary School and winning this competition is proof of how motivational this can be to the children's learning.”

Competition judges declared the Kilmodan drama ‘outstanding’ because the children were obviously at ease with the language they were using. They used every day French and spoke clearly, confidently and with excellent accents and it was easy for the audience to understand. They had incorporated humour, song, music and dance which made it a very enjoyable performance. 

The school were presented with a cheque for £100, tee shirts and a bag of classroom resources.