Cheer on your local baton bearers on Sunday 13th July!

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8 Jul 2014 - 16:16

With everything from music and dancing, to hula-hooping and sports planned, the Queen’s Baton Relay can look forward to a very warm welcome when it comes to Argyll and Bute this Sunday, 13th July!

The relay brings with it the chance to cheer on local baton bearers and enjoy the events planned along the route.

A one mile run, live music, dancers, come-and-try sports and street performers – these are just some of the activities that are going to be happening to celebrate the Queen’s Baton Relay journey from Appin to Dunoon.

From music and dancing in Appin, to choirs, bands and sports sessions in Oban and Lochgilphead, and from pipers in Lochnell , mini Highland games in Inveraray,  to a gala day in Strachur, and carnival rides in Dunoon, there will be a lot happening across Argyll.

Baton bearers will carry the baton by bike, road and boat before it ends its Argyll and Bute journey at a celebration event in Dunoon Stadium.

Information on where you can join in the fun and cheer on the baton bearers is available at

Celebration events are supported by Event Scotland as part of the Games for Scotland programme of events.

To help the Baton Relay along its 174-mile journey, and to help spectators to enjoy the event safely, short term travel and parking arrangements will be in place in Dunoon, Inveraray, Oban and Strachur on Sunday 13th July.