Argyll and Bute homecoming event – Dunoon Stadium, Tuesday 22nd July, 11am – 4pm

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8 Jul 2014 - 11:59

The Argyll and Bute Youth Forum, working with the council’s youth services team, have organised the ‘Homecoming Argyll and Bute’ event at Dunoon Stadium on Tuesday 22nd July from 11am to 4pm

The event is an opportunity to bring young people together from across the area for a day of fun and team building to celebrate what’s great about Argyll and Bute.

Representatives of Argyll and Bute’s different youth forums will compete in an ‘It’s a Knockout’ style competition, taking part in a variety of activities including the human wheel, an assault course relay, a foam hunt and walk the plank. The last team standing will be the winner!

As well as supporting the competitors, there will be lots to do for people coming along on the day. Each youth forum will have a stall with a variety on offer from face painting, hook a duck, smoothies to games as well as information stalls from both local and national organisations.

David Mclaughlin from the Bute Youth Forum said: ‘’Due to the geographical constraints, young people don’t often get together and Homecoming is giving us this opportunity to get together and celebrate Argyll and Bute and have fun.’’

The Argyll and Bute Youth Forum brings young people together from across the area, giving them the opportunity to become active citizens within their local communities and the chance to get involved in issues which directly affect them.

Currently the youth forum is setting up YouthBanks in each of the areas and running YouthScotland involvement training. The forum will be holding a newbies residential in November, leadership training early next year and is starting to organise the next AB Awards, celebrating Youth Achievement in Argyll and Bute. Members of the forum also work on local issues attend the local licensing forum, and in some areas the local community planning groups.