Scotland's Waste regulations have changed for all businesses, big and small

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10 Feb 2014 - 11:34

Waste regulations introduced by the Scottish Government came into force in January 2014. The new regulations are a key part of the Scottish Government’s zero waste strategy to eliminate waste and reach a target of 70% recycling by 2025.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Business Gateway is reminding all business owners that they need to be aware of how this change applies to them.

From now, every business in Scotland no matter how large or small, needs to present their paper, card, plastic, metals and glass commercial waste for recycling.

In addition, food businesses producing more than 50kg of food waste per week are also now required to separate food waste - except in areas designated as rural. Food businesses producing more than 5kg a week will also have to comply with the new regulations from January 2016.

Further information about these changes is available at  The site includes a post-code finder tool to help discover if your location is defined as a rural or non-rural area, and information on re-use and recycling services your area. It also provides advice on how to reduce business costs through resource efficiency.