Minister sees Commonwealth Games projects benefiting Argyll and Bute

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24 Feb 2014 - 16:06

Commonwealth Games Minister Shona Robison today saw how a range of Legacy 2014 projects and programmes are already benefiting people in Oban and Appin.

Argyll and Bute’s many Legacy 2014 programmes and projects include £66,000 funding through the Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund to upgrade recreation facilities and over £100,000 of BIG 2014 Communities programme funding to local sport, voluntary and community organisations who want to take part in physical activity or sport.

The Minister today saw the difference to local people that this investment is making as she:

  • Took part in a walking meeting and officially opened the Jubilee Bridge in Appin, restored with £66,000 from the Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund;
  • Unveiled a plaque at Park Primary School in Oban for Game On Scotland, the Commonwealth Games education programme,
  • Visited Stramash in Oban, a social enterprise and outdoor education centre for children and young people benefiting from business coaching to grow and further succeed.

The visit comes at the start of Legacy Week, a celebration of the ongoing economic, cultural, educational and sporting legacy from the Games.

Ms Robison said: “The Commonwealth Games is Scotland’s biggest ever sporting and cultural event and I want to see a lasting Games legacy across the whole of Scotland in the years to come.
“I have been pleased today to see the enthusiastic and imaginative ways that people here are embracing the Games. From upgrading existing facilities to taking on new challenges, the whole community is coming together to deliver fantastic projects that are helping people become more active.

“In Appin, the restored Jubilee Bridge is an iconic symbol that connects the community and is loved by locals and visitors alike. At Stramash outdoor centre I have heard how they are using the Games to create a lasting legacy for the area’s young people. And at Park Primary, I have seen the achievement of staff and excitement of pupils from learning about other Commonwealth countries and being involved in the national school sports awards.

“There are more ways for people to get involved. Local businesses, individuals and community groups interested in everything from regeneration to the arts can take the time to have a look at the Legacy programmes and projects - now is the time to be part of it and it’s never early enough to begin leaving a legacy for your local area.”

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Community and Culture Councillor Robin Currie said, “The Commonwealth Games have been an inspiration to Argyll and Bute, taken up and celebrated in all corners of our communities. It is a marvellous, unifying event and fully supported by the council.

“The staff and pupils of Park Primary School are an excellent example of this, receiving a Game On Scotland plaque for their Commonwealth projects and sporting activities both in and after school.

“The Commonwealth Games represents more than sporting achievement - it provides the opportunity to learn about the Commonwealth and its citizens and become involved in a host of activities in our own communities throughout 2014.”