Green Deal Rewards Limited of Wellwynd, Airdrie

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Published Date: 

21 Feb 2014 - 15:00

Argyll and Bute Council’s Trading Standards has received a number of complaints concerning the above company who have been arranging to carry out Green Deal assessments for a fee of £149. Customers have in a number of cases then found that the assessments have not been carried out, and have not been able to obtain refunds when asked for.

Trading Standards has received information from North Lanarkshire Council that the company have ceased trading, and have issued the following advice:

Consumers who have paid by credit card and not had a survey carried out should approach their credit card provider and submit a S75 claim for reimbursement due to breach of contract.

Where consumers have had an Energy Performance survey (EPC) carried out, but haven’t been given a certificate yet, the company’s director has said they will endeavour to have these certificates sent out so that the consumers can progress through the Green Deal Scheme.

Consumers who have paid by debit card should initially approach their debit card provider to ask for a chargeback on the grounds that the company have indicated they will not be able to carry out the agreed contract. Should that not be successful the director of the company has indicated that they will try and refund customers, subject to available funds. Consumers should therefore write to the company making this request.

Trading Standards understands that at present no administrator or liquidator has been appointed.

General Advice

Trading Standards would like to advise members of the public that should you be approached on the phone, or otherwise by anyone offering green deal assessments, or other services, that there is no obligation to pay for any services before they have been carried out, and it is prudent to avoid up-front payments.

Concerned consumers within Argyll and Bute should call 01546 605519. Concerned consumers outwith Argyll and Bute should call 0845 404 0506