Council welcomes new appointment to The Touring Network (Highlands and Islands)

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19 Feb 2014 - 09:27

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Community and Culture, Councillor Robin Currie, has welcomed the appointment of John Saich to the Touring Network (Highlands and Islands) to help local people and community projects bring more professional music, dance and theatre into the region. 

Over the next twelve months John will be available to help individuals or groups seeking to bring some wonderful cultural opportunities into their community.  Every year, The Touring Network works with 90+ volunteer promoters to bring over 700 high quality professional theatre, dance and music performances into rural villages and towns where residents would otherwise find it difficult to access these opportunities. 

Councillor Currie said, “Argyll and Bute has a thriving and diverse cultural community and the thirst for more is always there, whether home-grown or visiting. Support for voluntary promoters and performers, with training, knowledge sharing and networking, will help them extend and develop in ways which can only benefit our communities.”

The Touring Network provides a forum for voluntary promoters across the Highlands and Islands to connect and network, share knowledge, skills and resources. 

John will be working across Argyll to support the development of relationships between promoters and performers and help the best performances reach people who make them happen.  He said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Argyll, and I am very excited to be taking up the post. I am keen to hear from anyone that wants to see performing arts events in their local community spaces and look forward to meeting promoters that are already making things like this happen.”

Thanks to the new post, The Touring Network can support them through practical help and guidance, right through to getting people together at membership meetings, training events and workshops.

Contact John Saich by e mail: or visit the web site: