A83 open for business again

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24 Feb 2014 - 09:12

A83 Butterbridge Landslide -  UPDATE 24/02/2014, 08:30 - ROAD TO RE-OPEN

Following an early planned inspection on site by BEAR Scotland’s geotechnical team we are able to advise that the A83 will open immediately.

Traffic lights will continue to be in place through the day as further operations progress on site.

Road users should note that there will be a requirement for a further short closure during the morning period to carry out rock removal on the slope which may affect journey times.

BEAR Scotland will continue to feed information to Traffic Scotland through the day which will be available at www.trafficscotland.org and via Twitter @trafficscotland as well as supported by BEAR Scotland at @NWTrunkRoads and will also be feeding information to BBC Radio Scotland Travel Desk who issue regular travel updates during morning drivetime broadcasts.

BEAR Scotland would again like to thank the community in Argyll & Bute for their assistance during this incident including the sharing and distribution of information to their own wider contact groups through social media etc to spread the message that Argyll and Bute is open for business.