Power of Attorney will ease the burden of decision making

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16 Dec 2014 - 16:11

The importance of having trusted family and friends able to make important decisions for their loved ones is being highlighted by NHS Highland, Argyll and Bute Council, and the Third Sector Partnership.

The “Start the Conversation” campaign has been launched across Argyll and Bute to raise awareness of the importance of having a Power of Attorney granted to a trusted relative or friend.

The council’s Policy Lead for Adult Care, Councillor Dougie Philand, said, “We are encouraging Argyll and Bute residents to talk to trusted family and friends about establishing a Power of Attorney. It is a simple step to take towards having the peace of mind to have someone whom you trust help you make important decisions at a time in the future when you may find that difficult.”

Christina West, Interim Director of Operations – Argyll and Bute CHP, said “People are often unaware of the importance of Power of Attorney until they become ill. The important message of this campaign is that we all need to think ahead and make plans, regardless of age. It is important for people to discuss their wishes about the type of care they would like if they become ill and unable to make their own decisions.

“Without a Power of Attorney, family members, including spouses, can not make decisions around care or pay bills for their loved ones. Applying for a power of attorney when someone is ill often takes months and can be costly. By taking early action, people will be prepared for their future.”

A series of community based events and talks will take place in early 2015 which will provide information. Meanwhile, visit www.mypowerofattorney.org.uk for valuable help and information.

You can also follow the campaign on Twitter: @StartTalkingPoA and Facebook: starttalkingpoa