Millions of pounds of investment agreed

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23 Dec 2014 - 10:23

Argyll and Bute Council has agreed millions of pounds of investment to build a new house for children and young people in need of care, and to upgrade Dunoon Primary School.

Looked- after children and young people will benefit from a £1 million modern, homely environment in a new custom-made house to be built in Dunoon.

The views of the children, young people and the existing staff team of Dunclutha House have helped to design the new building, which will have a large landscaped garden surrounded by mature trees. 

The six bedroom single story house will replace the existing house and will continue to provide short, medium and long term residential placements for children and young people.

The council’s Policy Lead for Children and Young People, Councillor Mary-Jean Devon said, “The council and our partners are working together to achieve the very best for children, young people and families. Our priority is to give children and young people who are at risk the care they need and to help them make the most of life’s opportunities. This new house will provide a supportive, nurturing home for our young people.”

The Committee also agreed to invest £3.5 million in the upgrade of Dunoon Primary School, with additional funding of approximately £4 million expected from the Scottish Government, following a funding application from the council..

The council worked with the Scottish Government, Scottish Futures Trust, Historic Scotland and HubNorth Scotland Ltd to identify a proposal, in time to meet the Scottish Government application timescale that would create the best possible solution for Dunoon Primary pupils. All parties agreed that a complete demolition, rebuild, or façade retention would not be consistent with the listed nature of the building and that a refurbishment/remodel with part new build was the only deliverable solution.

The project should see Dunoon Primary school significantly upgraded with capacity for 300 pupils and 30 Early Years places. The school will also benefit from a new sports hall replacing the current 1930s extension.

Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Aileen Morton said, “Following the Council’s commitment earlier this year to provide a new Kirn Primary School, I am pleased to see another significant step forward being taken in delivering high quality school facilities for all young people in Argyll and Bute. I welcome the compromise agreed by Historic Scotland that allowed us to find an affordable and suitable solution for Dunoon Primary. Our focus is on providing an outstanding education service that allows our young people to thrive.”

The council will work with the school community on progressing improvements to the school.