New third generation surface at Lochgilphead Joint Campus up and running

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26 Aug 2014 - 11:01

Fantastic new resource for residents of Mid Argyll

New surface can accommodate a wide range of sports

Argyll and Bute Council last week completed the installation of the fantastic new 3G all-weather pitch at Lochgilphead Joint Campus.

The decision was taken earlier this year to replace the old surface following a life cycle review carried out by the council and its project partner, ABC Schools.

The new surface offers a range of possibilities not only for pupils at Lochgilphead Joint Campus (LJC) but also for sports clubs in the community who have been keen to see this aspiration realised.

The council has received positive feedback already, with users commenting on the quality of the surface.

The 3G pitch is specifically suited for football, with the surface requiring to meet the FIFA 1* standard for a community football pitch, as outlined in the FIFA Quality Concept.

The surface can also accommodate hockey, shinty and athletics, as well as non-contact rugby training and activities such as tag/touch rugby.

The council has also undertaken work to reseed the grass pitches at LJC. These pitches are currently closed to allow for the grass to regrow, following which they too will reopen.