Cèilidh Trail treat for Rockfield pupils

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26 Aug 2014 - 13:08

Rockfield Primary School in Oban enjoyed a special performance by Argyll Cèilidh Trail at their very first assembly of the new school session. Members of the eight-piece band performed a number of instrumental sets and songs to the whole school, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Argyll Cèilidh Trail has toured extensively throughout Argyll this summer including visits to Islay, Iona, Gigha, and Luing. Rockfield has a special connection with the band as several members are former pupils of the school, and the school’s own folk group was invited to perform at Argyll Ceilidh Trail’s concert in July in Oban.


Rockfield Headteacher James Wylie said,

“Music, culture and the Gaelic language are highly valued at Rockfield Primary and we are delighted that our pupils can experience live traditional music of such a high standard.   Other performances are planned as part of our music programme which will inspire pupils to learn instruments and develop their knowledge and appreciation of music.”