Major step forward for new school for Oban

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25 Apr 2014 - 15:06

Delivery of a new high school for Oban took another major step forward when Argyll and Bute Council confirmed £60 million council investment in the project over 25 years.

A new school with capacity for up to 1300 pupils is expected to be delivered before March 2018.

With the focus on providing children and young people in Oban with the best possible facility, the council is dedicating a considerable amount of funding to delivering a high quality school that will best meet the needs of local young people into the foreseeable future.

The council’s priority now is to design and deliver a school that is a modern, state-of-the-art, learning environment for current and future pupils.

The capacity of the new school allows for an increasing number of pupils, based on school roll forecasts and local development plan actions.

Securing a prosperous future for Argyll and Bute means progressing all ambitions for our area as set out in the Community Planning Partnership’s Single Outcome Agreement. Giving young people the best possible start in life is one ambition, and delivering a high quality new school for Oban will be an important step in this. At the same time we will continue to work with our partners for the benefit of communities in Oban and across Argyll and Bute.

A New Project Request (NPR) will now be submitted to the Scottish Futures Trust which signals the start of the detailed design process. A NPR will also be submitted for a new Campbeltown Grammar School.