Council encourages girls to be active

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10 Apr 2014 - 10:29

The number of girls in Argyll and Bute who are taking part in sports activities is increasing, with the work of the council’s Active Schools team developing opportunities for both boys and girls.

Over 2,200 girls took part in 700 extra-curricular clubs provided in schools last year, with numbers increasing during the four terms, and holiday programmes which include 30 different sporting activities across the authority and are well attended by both girls and boys.

The council’s Policy Lead for Community and Culture, Councillor Robin Currie, said, “We are working to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy and active as possible, and by giving young people access to sports and other activities we are providing the potential for a healthier Argyll and Bute in the future.

“Physical activity is equally important for both boys and girls and integrated sports programmes are encouraging this. The council’s Active Schools team sits within a combined community leisure team, which provides a wide and diverse range of opportunities for girls in sport and physical activities and this has resulted in more girls taking part.”

The council runs a Sports Leadership programme for senior pupils is training both male and female coaches and role models of the future. These sports leaders are gaining valuable experience in helping provide extra -curricular and community club programmes.

The Fit for Girls schools programme supported by sportscotland is helping raise female participation and address barriers to participation. Girls only clubs and fitness programmes are provided by schools, Sports Development Officers, Active Schools, leisure facilities and 3rd sector organisations.

The Active Girls Dance Leadership Programme supported by Scottish Youth Dance is training up female senior pupils as dance leaders to deliver extra- curricular dance clubs to their peers.

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