Argyll and Bute Council supports HITRANS West Highlands and Islands Air Route Survey

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21 May 2013 - 14:57

Argyll and Bute Council is encouraging you to make your views known on a number of air routes in the West Highlands and Islands. The council is supporting HITRANS (Highlands and Island Regional Transport Partnership) as they conduct an online survey which is available until 10 June this year. Whether you live or travel in and about the west Highlands and Islands and whether you are an individual or a business your views are welcome.

The survey is part of a review of air services being undertaken by consultants Northpoint Aviation Services on behalf of HITRANS. The study is assessing the potential to develop a number of new or enhanced air services using available aircraft capacity. Based on the consultants’ first phase of research, the survey will collect views and information regarding potential demand for the following possible new routes:

•             Oban-Barra

•             Oban-Glasgow

•             Campbeltown-Oban.

The survey also seeks to gather views and information on potential enhancements to the existing Glasgow-Barra air service.

The greater the number of survey responses then the more solid will be the evidence against which potential demand for these air services can be assessed. Therefore, HITRANS is very keen that residents and businesses take part in the survey. All responses to the survey will be treated in strictest confidence and the answers will only be reported at an aggregate level. The survey for each of the routes being considered will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure, John Semple said, “It is important as many people as possible complete this survey to make their views known. These three routes could make a big difference to people in Argyll and Bute and in the Western Isles. Many people already depend on the airport for its lifeline services and if more flights would make a difference to people’s lives then we must find out about how high the demand is.”

HITRANS Director, Ranald Robertson said “This study will provide an invaluable evidence base that will consider in detail the complex operational, regulatory and budgetary constraints which impact on the provision of air services in the Highlands and Islands. This work will also investigate the feasibility of any new operations and forecast the impact these are likely to have in terms of fleet, crewing and operating costs.”  

The survey can be found at