Oban’s Lorn Resource Centre success in James Watt College awards

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11 Mar 2013 - 14:24

Twenty-five of Oban’s Lorn Resource Centre members have received certificates for successful completion of courses in Computing, Local History, Computing, Creative Writing, Producing a Magazine and Film Production.

Oban’s Lorn Resource Centre students proudly display their James Watt College certificates.The students have been studying with James Watt College in Greenock and were presented with their certificates by Janice Boyle, the college’s curriculum manager, at the Centre on 26 February.

Lead Councillor for Adult Services at Argyll and Bute Council Anne Horn said

‘I would like to congratulate the Lorn Resource Centre students on their achievements. A great deal of effort and hard work by the students assisted by their tutors goes into completing these courses.  We appreciate the continuing commitment to this valuable service by James Watt College.’

Lorn Centre student Mhairi Still said

'I was over-whelmed. My family came to see me get my certificates. I got them for Computing, Filming and Magazine.' 

James Watt College has worked in partnership with Argyll and Bute Council for several years to provide an outreach service offering quality courses for people with learning disabilities who live in the Oban area.