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7 Mar 2013 - 17:04

ARGYLL and Bute Councillor Louise Glen-Lee has welcomed the news that Scotland is now officially a Fair Trade nation – and has paid tribute to the people across the local area who have helped make it happen.

Scotland’s official Fair Trade nation status was announced last week. Argyll and Bute has gone some way to contributing to this achievement, with both Dunoon and Oban designated Fair Trade towns for some time, and active local Fair Trade campaigns all across the area, including Kintyre, Iona, Bute and Helensburgh.

A commitment to Fair Trade helps to ensure that farmers and producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their goods and services exported to more wealthy nations like the UK. It also helps to improve their working conditions overall and ultimately gives people more control and more power over their own livelihoods. Being able to earn more money also helps their own communities and local economies, with more schools, housing, clothing and transport needs catered for as a result.

Councillor Glen-Lee said: “This is excellent news and has made a huge impact on people who are much less fortunate than ourselves. It has helped many people in developing countries to turn their lives and their communities around.

“People in Argyll and Bute have shown their commitment to Fair Trade over the years and their efforts have undoubtedly helped Scotland reach this milestone. Everyone who actively makes Fair Trade choices when shopping for food or other goods has also helped.

“We are currently in the middle of Fair Trade fortnight and I am sure that communities across Argyll and Bute will have been working hard to raise the profile again. Like them, I am looking forward to the day when Fair Trade is simply the normal way of doing things.”