Dunoon's BID for success

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Published Date: 

1 Mar 2013 - 16:59

The Dunoon Business Improvement District (BID) ballot has taken place and businesses have voted in favour of proceeding with a BID in Dunoon.

The Dunoon BID team has been working under the title PA23BID, based on the Cowal town's postcode format and with the initials standing for 'Positive Attitude'.

The results of the ballot are:

Return rate in respect of rateable values - 55 per cent

Return rate in respect of eligible perseons - 47 per cent

Total votes cast, excluding rejected votes - 225

Aggregate rateable value of each relevant property in respect of vote entitement - £4,226,275

Total number of votes in favour - 136

Total number of votes against - 89

Total number of rejected votes - 6

Aggregate rateable value of votes in favour - £1,808,155

Aggregate rateable value of votes against - £506,145