Campbeltown Museum – Archaeological day

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3 Jun 2013 - 14:17

Kilmartin Museum, working in partnership with Campbeltown Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), has organised a family ‘Archaeology’ day at Campbeltown Museum on Sunday June 23 between 11.30am until 4.00pm.

Children can enjoy digging for buried objects in the simulated archaeological dig, meanwhile you will be able to ask questions of the experts who will be there on the day. These include Dr Sharon Webb, Dr Clare Ellis and Dr Roger Anderton who specialise in the fields of museum curatorship, archaeology and geology. Dr Webb will be in the museum gallery all day to answers your questions and queries about the many incredible artefacts on display. There will also be a small range of replica objects ranging from flint tools to pottery which can be handled by visitors, giving them the unique opportunity to hold and examine each object.

In the marriage room, there will be a small exhibition on the work of the archaeologist including equipment and tools used by archaeologists, and visitors will have an excellent opportunity to talk to Campbeltown Field archaeologist Dr Clare Ellis of ‘Argyll Archaeology’.

You can also join geologist Dr Roger Anderton on a tour of the towns 18th and 19th century buildings at 2.00pm. This will allow you to explore the relationship between the history, architecture and geology of the stone used for the buildings.

Lead Councillor for Development and Infrastructure, John Semple said, “There really does promise to be something for everyone at the Archaeology Day and I would encourage you to go along. It is important we support the good work being done at Campbeltown Museum and we can learn something at the same time.”

Booking is highly recommended for the children’s dig activity, so to secure a place on one of the sessions or for further information about the day please contact Claire on 01546 510278 or email