Budding broadcasters from Dalintober primary school in Town Heritage Initiative local history project

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17 Jun 2013 - 09:50

Campbeltown Townscape Heritage initiative (THI) has linked up with local primary schools and Argyll FM radio station in a living history project about the town hall building. As part of the THI’s community engagement programme a local charitable company, Inspiralba, is delivering this oral history and digital editing project. The first phase has been delivered with the help of Dalintober Primary pupils.

The pupils have linked up with the THI to investigate the history of the town hall using research into local history and interviews with residents. Dalintober has become the first local school to get involved with the project, which has offered primary 6 pupils the chance to record their interviews with local people using Argyll FM’s professional support and facilities. The interviews are due to be broadcast on Wednesday 26 at 1630 and Saturday 29 June at 1400.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure, John Semple said “It is great to see the Council through the THI working with local pupils and local media. The Town Hall is an important and iconic building and, when linked to interactive projects like this, helps develop children’s skills and confidence and helps us all find out more about our community.”

In preparation for the recording session where local people share memories of the Town Hall, pupils had to learn interviewing skills, plan their project questions, practice their interviewing techniques and choose music to accompany the programme. Pupils learned about the range of work the THI has done in Campbeltown and about the history and significance of local buildings such as the Town Hall.

The pupils’ work will be stored digitally, and Campbeltown THI will use the radio interviews to support a bid to take the Town Hall into the care of the South Kintyre Development Trust.