Air quality standards good in Argyll and Bute

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Published Date: 

20 Jun 2013 - 11:24

Local air quality standards in Argyll and Bute are well within national standards. It comes after a progress report for 2013, put together by the council’s environmental health team. The report concludes that local air quality in Argyll and Bute is below the national prescribed standards for all seven indicator pollutants. This work focused on specific monitoring of particulates, which are generated from the combustion of solid fuels, and nitrogen oxides predominately from vehicle emissions. 

The council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing (PPSL) Committee looked at the detailed report at their meeting on Wednesday 19 June. Chair, Councillor Sandy Taylor said “I am pleased that the report’s findings have concluded that local air quality standards are good, as we would have expected. The quality of the environment of Argyll and Bute has major influences on its economy, tourism, and on the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors to the area.”