Two applications to be made for new Regenerational Capital Grant Fund (RCGF)

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1 Jul 2013 - 15:01

Applications will be made to the Scottish Government’s Regenerational Capital Grant Fund (RCGF) for money for two projects in Argyll and Bute, The Rothesay Pavilion and the Dunoon waterfront timber pier. The decision was taken at Thursday’s (THU 27 JUNE) full council meeting.

The fund is open to all 32 local authorities across Scotland and the money is for regeneration projects which improve the economic, social and physical environment of communities. The fund is also to support capital works which can create jobs and training opportunities.

The funding bid for The Rothesay Pavilion is for £600,000 and the bid for Dunoon’s waterfront timber pier is £350,000. In the first year of the fund, 2014/15 there is £20.5 million available and it is anticipated that in 2015/16 there will be £21.5 million available. Projects are deemed eligible if they focus on areas with high levels of deprivation, deliver large scale transformational change with strong regeneration outcomes, demonstrate strong community involvement and can start on site in 2014/15.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure, John Semple said, “Both the Rothesay Pavilion and the Dunoon waterfront timber pier are very worthwhile projects which are key icons in the regeneration of these important towns.”