Out on the streets to hear your views on creative Bute

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23 Jul 2013 - 13:19

RESIDENTS of Bute are being encouraged to think creatively about their views of their community and in particular its historic Rothesay Pavilion with the largest community engagement programme attempted on the island in recent years.

The next consultation phase of a proposed £6.9 million renovation project for Rothesay Pavilion is due to begin in July. With funding from Argyll and Bute Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland, the project presents an opportunity to secure the future of the building, which is at the heart of island life, for the next seven decades and beyond.

Consultation so far has shown that local people feel that one of the island’s key strengths is its creativity – with a view that Bute should strive for a national reputation as a Creative Place. Rothesay Pavilion, in its 75th year, could be at the heart of this process.

With this vision in place, the Rothesay Pavilion Project Steering Group (which includes local people as well as representatives from Argyll and Bute Council and the Prince’s Regeneration Trust) wants to hear more from local residents about their ideas for Bute as a hub of creativity.

Project proposals will be taken out into the streets of Bute by local heritage organisation Brandanii in a series of pop-up consultations held in venues as diverse as early-morning ferries and island buses.

From floral displays to spinning decks, from watercolours to street art – what do you think makes a creative place? What are Bute’s strengths in this and what facilities would you use given the chance? Should the Pavilion be at the heart of this community life on Bute? The steering group wants to hear from you so, if you want to be heard, then look out for the pop-up events around the island in the summer.