Removal of scaffolding from Campbeltown Town Hall

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29 Jan 2013 - 14:47

WORK to remove scaffolding from Campbeltown’s historic town hall started on Monday 28 January, following completion of repairs to the building.

Over the winter period, various works were carried out at the town hall, addressing some high priority building fabric issues and, importantly, stopping any further deterioration in its condition. These included pointing, roof repairs, gutter cleaning, timber repairs and a number of surveys.

The scope of work to the building’s tower was agreed by conservation architects working for South Kintyre Development Trust, along with Argyll and Bute Council’s own conservation officer. Some of this work has been specified to minimise the impact on any future restoration and is not a permanent finish for the town hall.  The South Kintyre Development Trust, in partnership with the council, is working on its hopes for funding for restoration of the hall. This will include comprehensive works to the tower, in particular the stonework, and the redecoration of the entire building. The repair work recently completed has been carried out with these future plans in mind.

Once the scaffolding has been dismantled, the adjacent temporary taxi rank will be removed and the permanent taxi bay reinstated.

More information about Campbeltown Town Hall and the proposals for its future can be found at