Council announces outcome of the Campbeltown Grammar School Consultation

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Published Date: 

18 Jan 2013 - 10:29

The result of a public consultation process in which pupils, staff, parents and members of the community in Campbeltown were invited to express their opinions on the location of the new Campbeltown Grammar School (CGS) was announced this week. 78% of those who responded expressed a preference for the location of the existing Grammar School.

In September 2012 Argyll and Bute Council agreed that the long list of possible sites should be taken forward for public consultation. The long list of sites was then appraised, taking into account the availability and detailed suitability of the sites, and this resulted in a shortlist which was considered by the local community. 

The consultation took place between 7 and 30 November 2012 and was advertised in advance on the council’s website and in the local press. During the consultation period information was available on the CGS and council websites; via a “bag drop” message to all parents with pupils at CGS or its catchment primary schools; and via consultation response forms which were available from CGS, local Primary Schools, Aqualibrium and the Burnet building.

CGS also held an “open evening” for the public where they could see information on the proposed sites and public viewing of the site information was available over two and a half open days hosted by the school in Aqualibrium. A meeting was held with a local focus group to discuss the site selection, and the consultation was further publicised through social media, text reminders and the local press.

Councillor Michael Breslin, Lead Councillor for Education said

 ‘I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation or who came along to the open days to find out more about the options. It is important for people to be able to express their opinions, and for the council to take them into account when decisions are being made on matters such as this, which affect the whole community.’

Two hundred and forty-nine formal responses were made, and 78% of those expressed a preference for building the new school at the existing school site.

The sites on which the public were asked to express their preferences and the percentages of responses were as follows:

1.   The existing Campbeltown Grammar School site and associated playing fields (78%)

2.   Kinloch Park (15%)

3.   Combined site of Meadows playing fields and ground adjacent to     

      Campbeltown Hospital (4%)

4.   The Meadows playing fields (2%)

The next full meeting of Argyll and Bute Council (24 January) will consider the outcome of the consultation, as part of the decision on where the new school will be built. For more information go to Campbeltown Grammar School Site Selection Consultation