Argyll and Bute Council to consider care provision

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17 Jan 2013 - 10:55

The Adult Services Special Committee of Argyll and Bute Council has met ( Tuesday 15 January) and will recommend to the council to move forward with a market test to assess private and independent care sector interest in developing nursing care places and extra care housing in the three areas of Argyll and Bute where council care homes currently operate.

The committee has also taken into account the full cost of services and noted that a re-design of provision could be delivered more efficiently and help to raise the standard of care across the board in Argyll and Bute. The move will help the council ensure there is the right provision of consistent high quality and cost effective places in each of the four areas of Argyll and Bute.

The committee has also taken into account the excess capacity in the independent residential care sector in Cowal and will recommend to the council at its February meeting that Struan Lodge should close. If the council agrees to this, a detailed closure plan involving residents and their families will be developed.

Lead Councillor for Adult Services, Anne Horn said, “The committee has looked at care provision very carefully. There is an over-supply of care homes spaces in Cowal and 44 vacancies at the moment, which is an increasing trend. We have also taken into account the suitability and condition of buildings to meet future needs. Although no decision has been made yet, this is why the recommendation for Struan Lodge is being put forward to the full council for consideration.

“I understand this may be unsettling for residents and families and I would like to reassure them the council’s top priority is making sure that good quality care is available locally for everyone requiring this service now and in the future. There are other care homes in the Cowal area where there are a significant number of places available and the council will work in partnership with these homes to raise the overall quality of care.

“The council has to make the best use of resources available while ensuring the services provided improve the quality of people’s lives wherever they live in Argyll and Bute.”

Across Scotland there is a move towards extra care housing which allows people to remain in their own specially adapted house where care services increase as a person’s care needs increase. This ensures a better quality of life and care tailored for people.  In taking forward this re-design of service provision the council will look to better match the type of accommodation and service provided to the needs of the individual.