New Leadership at Argyll and Bute Council

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14 Feb 2013 - 13:50

 The senior leadership at Argyll and Bute Council has changed and a new Leader and Depute Leader have been named at today’s meeting. (Thu 14 February)

 The Leader of the council coalition, Councillor Roddy McCuish and the Depute Leader, Councillor John Semple will both stand down.

 The new leader is Councillor James Robb and the new Depute Leader is Councillor Roddy McCuish.

 Council Leader, Councillor James Robb said, “Roddy and John have done a great job and I am delighted they will both continue to play an active role in the future. It is an honour and a privilege to accept the role of council leader and I am committed to doing the very best for the people of Argyll and Bute in these difficult times.”

 Depute Leader, Councillor Roddy McCuish said, “Councillor Robb and I work very well together and I am looking forward to stepping into my new role so I can continue to play my part in building a better Argyll and Bute for everyone.”

Councillor Robb will remain Lead Councillor for Finance. Councillor McCuish becomes Lead Councillor for European Affairs. Councillor Semple will remain as Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure.