Cardross Library to be refurbished

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Published Date: 

11 Feb 2013 - 13:56

Cardross Library is to close after the Thursday 21 February session for around 6 weeks while it is refurbished. As soon as the re-opening date is confirmed the council will make the community aware.

The library will be getting a total refurbishment including removing and replacing existing windows and an external door, upgrading heating and plumbing installations, rewiring, new flooring, redecoration and new library shelving and furnishings.

Lead Councillor for Culture, Louise Glen-Lee said, “The refurbishment will make a big improvement and I look forward to seeing the finished results and welcoming everyone to the new –look Cardross Library. I appreciate this may inconvenience people in the short term but the results will make it all worthwhile.”

There will be no fines for a month after re-opening and you can use Helensburgh Library or any other Argyll and Bute Library to return and borrow books.