Argyll and Bute Council agrees site for new Campbeltown Grammar School

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Published Date: 

12 Feb 2013 - 10:14

At its meeting on 24 January, Argyll and Bute Council considered a report on the results of the public consultation process for a preferred site for the new Campbeltown Grammar School (CGS).

The consultation took place in November 2012 and was advertised in advance on the council’s website, on the CGS website and in the local press. During the consultation period information was available on the CGS and council websites; via messages to all parents with pupils at CGS or its catchment primary schools; and via consultation response forms which were available from CGS, local Primary Schools, Aqualibrium and the Burnet building.

The council noted the results of the public consultation, in which two hundred and forty-nine formal responses were made, with 78% of those who responded expressing a preference for the location of the existing Grammar School. When a decision was taken, the council  agreed that the existing Campbeltown Grammar School site and associated playing fields should be the preferred site for the proposed new school.

Lead Councillor for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Breslin, said

 ‘This was a good example of an effective consultation between the council and the local community, and I appreciate the time and trouble taken by everyone who took part in the consultation process. The school has worked hard to ensure that current and prospective pupils and parents  were involved, as well as the wider community.’

An announcement regarding the proposed timetable for development of the new facilities is expected later this year.