New maintenance guide for tenements in historic Campbeltown

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14 Sep 2012 - 16:40

Campbeltown Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) has just published a new guide to promote the repair and maintenance of Campbeltown town centres historic tenements.  With many buildings falling in to serious disrepair due to a lack of repair and maintenance the “Campbeltown Tenement Maintenance Guide” provides useful advice and information for tenement owners who want to address the decline in their properties.

The guide will be launched by THI Staff at a drop-in event being held in Campbeltown Library, Kinloch Road, Campbeltown on Wednesday 26 September 2012 between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, when refreshments including a light buffet will be available. Staff from Argyll and Bute Council’s Housing Services Section will also be in attendance to provide information regarding Owners Associations and the availability of grant funding for Tenement Condition Surveys to determine the condition of buildings.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure John Semple said:  ‘CARS, THI, and Housing Services grants have assisted many local people to repair and improve their properties, and provided work for local companies. I hope this new practical guide will encourage more local property owners to work together to form Owners Associations and to plan the repair and maintenance of their buildings.’

Explaining the need for the guide, THI Project Officer James Lafferty said ‘In the past, almost every tenement in the town centre was managed by a factor who ensured that all owners worked together to share the responsibility for managing and maintaining their building.  The last few years has seen a significant reduction in the number of factoring agreements therefore many buildings have had little or no regular maintenance or repair. ‘

All are welcome at the launch of the “Campbeltown Tenement Maintenance Guide”.

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