Council successful in funding bid for new Oban High School building

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26 Sep 2012 - 18:50

Argyll and Bute Council is delighted to have been awarded funding by the Scottish Government to build a new Oban High School. It comes after the council gave the Scottish Government several options to address the issues with the current school building and in anticipation of a major future housing development between Dunbeg and Oban. Officers will now begin preparing a business case on options for consideration by the council.

Lead Councillor for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Breslin said, “I am thrilled at the Scottish Government's announcement of funding to build a new Oban High School. This will allow for the development of a much needed state of the art facility suitable for the needs of a 21st century education service. It will make a big difference to the communities of Oban and its surrounding area. As a council we want to make sure our pupils and staff are working in the best possible schools we can provide. We will now consult with the people of Oban on the next steps that will be taken and I look forward to the consideration of the business case at council.”

This will continue the programme set up by the council to improve the secondary school estate in Argyll and Bute. There is already a new Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh, a new Rothesay Joint Campus on Bute, another new joint campus in Lochgilphead and a new Dunoon Grammar School. A site selection process is just about to get underway for a new Campbeltown Grammar School.