Bute celebrates aviation history

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13 Sep 2012 - 10:50

ARGYLL and Bute Council is to host a civic reception honouring the first recipient of the Baird of Bute Society Scottish Aviation award.

The society was formed to commemorate the achievements of a Bute blacksmith, Andrew Blain Baird, who achieved the first all-Scottish heavier than air powered flight on the island in September 1910. Mr Baird had also designed and constructed his own aeroplane.

Now the society has introduced its Baird of Bute Society Scottish Aviation Award – with the inaugural winner being Mr Scott Grier OBE, chairman of Scottish airline Loganair.

Mr Grier will be honoured by Argyll and Bute Council Provost, Isobel Strong, at a civic reception dinner in Rothesay on Friday 21 September.

This precedes the Baird of Bute celebrations on Saturday 22 September which will see a host of aircraft and enthusiasts descending on the island to mark the anniversary of Andrew Blain Baird’s first flight in 1910. The festivities will include an exciting multi-aircraft aerobatic performance and other displays.

Provost Strong said: “I am delighted to welcome Mr Grier to Bute to receive the very first Baird of Bute Society Scottish Aviation Award, and it is especially fitting that he will receive this in the same year that Loganair celebrates  50 years in operation. 

“The society has worked hard to ensure that Andrew Blain Baird’s achievement on Bute all those years ago is remembered and retains a place in the history books.  I am sure that everyone is looking forward to the festival of flight this weekend.”