Kintyre Way company survives thanks to cash boost from Argyll and Bute Council

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9 Oct 2012 - 09:02

The company which looks after the Kintyre Way has had a cash injection of £15,000 emergency funding from Argyll and Bute Council which will allow it to continue. The Long and Winding Way was set up in 2005 to manage the route which was started in 2006. The Kintyre Way, one of Scotland’s Great Trails, reaches from Tarbert to Southend across the Kintyre peninsula and there are now around 2000 walkers using it every year.

Councillor Anne Horn represents the council on the board of the company and said, “I am delighted the council is able to support this important venture which brings thousands of tourists to Kintyre every year. It is even better that the money we have given is already helping attract more funding from other sources.

“I firmly believe it is important for the local economy we invest in the Kintyre Way and I would encourage people to get on the route and see everything it has to offer, from hidden coves to beautiful deserted beaches.”

Chair of the Long and Winding Way, John Bakes said, “Without the £15,000 from the council, the company would have been wound up at the last board meeting in September as we would have been unable to meet commitments.

“We are very grateful for the money that will be used for core costs and will allow us to talk to other funders. Already because of the money from the council we have managed to attract another £30,000 from the private sector which is spread over 3 years. This will be used to maintain the route in a safe way.”