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19 Oct 2012 - 17:13

Argyll and Bute Council and Artmap Argyll have formed a partnership to display works of art in the council’s headquarters, Kilmory, Lochgilphead.

The joint venture aims to heighten awareness of local artists’ work by introducing it to the working spaces and corridors frequented by senior councillors, staff and visiting dignitaries.

In addition the art will enhance these working and public areas and have a positive impact on people occupying or moving through them.

Launching the project, Council Leader Roddy McCuish said, “We will be working with a number of artists who have generously provided their work for display, and I am very pleased that the first 12 pieces representing the work of six artists are now in place.

“There is no doubt the work already displayed has had a hugely positive impact on the display areas. The buildings and grounds at Kilmory lend themselves to the display of art and ideas are being discussed as to how to extend the areas included in the project.

“I would like to thank the Artmap Argyll community very much for their enthusiastic involvement in this innovative project for the council.”

Artworks by Karen Beauchamp, Susan Berry, Jane Walker, Fraser MacIver, Louise Oppenheimer and Christine Russell, are displayed in the offices of the Leader and Provost, a large meeting room for councillors and an adjacent corridor.

Louise Oppenhemier, for Artmap Argyll, said, “Artmap is very pleased to be invited to enhance the working environment at Kilmory and we hope this initiative will grow to include not only further spaces within the council, but make use of outdoor spaces where there could be exhibitions of sculpture in the gardens.

“Each exhibition will introduce viewers to different artists, mediums and styles and we welcome the notion that the art displayed will engage the viewer, encourage debate and provide food for thought. Do get in touch with any of the artists if you would like to visit a studio or learn more about their work.”

All works on display are for sale. Contact details for all artists are available on request.

For information about Artmap Argyll go to

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