Free planning advice service at Argyll and Bute Council

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29 Oct 2012 - 17:16

If you are thinking about extending your kitchen or installing some solar panels, you should contact the council’s planning team in your area. Before parting with your money please remember to find out whether your development needs planning permission or not.

 Our free service called ‘Planning for Firm Foundations’ is here to help and can establish whether planning permission is needed. Call 01546 605518 and you will be put through to the person you need to speak to or you can access the new online information system and pre-application form here

 Councillor Sandy Taylor, Chairman of the Planning, Protective Services and Licensing (PPSL) Committee said, “People who are thinking about a building or renovation project should seek the advice of our planning professionals, sending a copy of initial drawings or a written description of their proposals using our downloadable form to our planning officers. We will get back to you with an initial view, confirming if you need planning permission.”

“A lot of people are thinking about installing solar panels and heat pumps nowadays some of which may need permission.  My advice is to always check with your local planning office before making an investment decision and using our pre-application process will give more certainty and identify any issues at an early stage.”