Campbeltown Tenement Guide launch a great success

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8 Oct 2012 - 12:49

A drop-in event held to give advice and information to private flat owners about addressing the decline in their properties has been a great success.  More than 40 owners went along to Campbeltown Library on Wednesday 26 September for the launch of a new guide to promote the repair and maintenance of historic tenements in Campbeltown town centre.

The common problems heard by the council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and Housing Services staff at the event included lack of co-operation from other owners in their buildings, lack of information on the condition of their buildings and problems attracting local contractors to inspect the buildings and carry out the works. Information and advice is available to point owners in the right direction.

Owners are being encouraged to set up owners associations to actively arrest the decline in their buildings and there are grants available for tenement condition surveys to help owners get more information about repairs, maintenance and the likely costs.   There are now plans for an evening event for allow tenement owners to meet with local contractors to discuss how they can work together.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Development and Infrastructure John Semple said, “It is encouraging that so many people are taking an interest in the condition of their tenements.  By working together owners can plan and save for repair and maintenance, ensuring that the value of their properties does not deteriorate further.” 

The Campbeltown Tenement Guide can be found at