Transforming lives through sport

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27 Nov 2012 - 11:30

SEVEN tutors from Argyll and Bute Council's leisure and youth services team have successfully completed the Positive Coaching Scotland training course.

Positive Coaching Scotland is a cultural change programme developed by sportscotland, the national agency for sport, in partnership with the Winning Scotland Foundation. It is designed to create a positive environment for young people and to teach valuable life lessons and skills through sport.

Central to the programme is the concept of developing Double Goal Coaches. Their goal is to create an environment where winning is important but where sport also brings to young people the kind of vital, character-building life skills which will help equip them for the future.

It is important that all the key influencers in a young person’s life - parents, teachers, coaches and sport leaders -   are all involved in delivering the PCS ethos so that young people can develop in sport and also have skills for life that they can use outside of the playing field.

The programme which the Argyll and Bute Council tutors followed is based on a highly successful US model developed at Stanford University called Positive Coaching Alliance.  

Oban Cricket Club member Ronnie Kelly attended the course. He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and thought the two tutors who ran it were excellent.  They were very good at getting the message across but also making it light hearted and enjoyable for the participants.  I already knew a little bit about the ethos of Positive Coaching but it was useful to have it demonstrated at the workshop.” 

Tracey Lockhart from Oban Lifesavers added: “The course was very informative, and exciting to think that through Positive Coaching that sport will be an encouraging and fulfilling learning environment for children and hopefully encourage children, coaches and parents to understand the benefits of sports.”

The Oban coaches were privileged to meet Tina Syer, chief impact officer at Positive Coaching Alliance, who was visiting from the USA. She said: "It's wonderful to see how the Positive Coaching Scotland message is reaching far and wide in this country. We could not be more pleased with this partnership."

Argyll and Bute Council's lead councillor for sport, Douglas Philand, added: "Sport can bring so much to the lives of young people and not only when taking part. So many of the skills learned on the playing field, like teamwork, playing fair, motivation and discipline, can help in many other areas of life.

"Congratulations to the local sports tutors who have completed the course already, and I hope that this is a rewarding experience for all involved."

Double Goal Coach workshops will now be offered to sports clubs across the Argyll and Bute Council area.  Participation in the programme will not only give better experiences for young people, but will act as a marker on any club’s CV when applying for external funding and to the Argyll and Bute Club Accreditation Programme.

If you’re interested in coaching the Positive Coaching way, would like to learn more about being a Positive Coaching parent or create a positive ethos in your club, get in touch with Nicola Hackett, Active Schools Manager, on 01369 708667 or email