Progress made on Oban CHORD project

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2 Nov 2012 - 14:21

A package of projects has been approved by Argyll and Bute Council's Oban CHORD project board which will dramatically enhance the regeneration and vitality of the town. A North Pier Quarter will be created and the seafront will be greatly improved as will the arrival into the town whether it is by ferry, train or bus. CHORD investment will be made to support the BID4Oban plans and a CHORD project manager will be appointed and based in Oban to look after the various projects getting underway and co-ordinate with partners both locally and nationally.

Chair of the Oban CHORD project board, Councillor Louise Glen-Lee said: “I am delighted at the improvements which will be happening in Oban and am really looking forward to seeing the results. The total budget for these projects is £6.9 million and the money is being well spent on much needed improvements. I believe the town will hugely benefit from all of the work being done.”

The North Pier Quarter will include the refurbishment and reconfiguration of the pier itself which will address traffic congestion and benefit cruise passengers, other tourists and people who use the harbour. The pedestrianisation of the Stafford Street area will create a large open space which will improve the appearance of the area and will have a positive influence on the nearby local businesses. This work will start next year along with lay-by and parking improvements in Argyll Square.

There will be new signs, lighting, seats, bins and paving along Oban seafront including Queens Park Place and George Street. The first phase of this work will be finished by April 2014.

One of the town’s strengths is the close proximity of the ferry terminal, rail and bus stations. Work will be done to enhance the arrival point for visitors and turn it into a ‘Gateway to Oban’. It is expected this work will be finished over the next three years.