Council promises to improve support for looked after children

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5 Nov 2012 - 11:34

Argyll and Bute Council have reaffirmed their commitment to giving children and young people a fair chance in life.

 In signing a pledge to be a good corporate parent the council have underpinned their support of the ‘Who Cares? Scotland’ Anti-Stigma Campaign to improve the support provided for looked after children.

 The ‘We can and will do better’ event culminated in the signing of the council’s promise in the council chambers, Kilmory, by Council Leader Roddy McCuish and Chief Executive Sally Loudon.

 Corporate parenting is the formal partnership needed between all local authority departments and services and associated agencies which are responsible for working together to meet the needs of looked after children and young people.

 Council Leader Roddy McCuish said, “Our young people are the future of Argyll and Bute and committing to care for and support them is vital. With this nine point promise we aim to combat the myths associated with children and young people in care and to support children and young people in fulfilling their potential.”

 Chief Executive Sally Loudon said, “This was an opportunity for elected members and council officers to discuss and explore their role as a corporate parent. Discussions were helped hugely due to some of our looked after young people attending which was a great opportunity to hear from them about what would make a difference.

“With the signing of this pledge we show we are committed as a council to explore further opportunities to listen to and support our young people.”   

Chief Executive Sally Loudon, Leader Roddy McCuish, Liam Cairns and Lizzie MacLean

 The concept of corporate parenting was first introduced in Scotland through the Children (Scotland) 1995 Act to ensure that each local authority acted as a good corporate parent.  Thereafter, the publication of two documents outlined the challenge in greater detail:- “Extraordinary Lives” by the Scottish Executive in June 2006 and “Looked After Children and Young People: We Can and Must do Better” in January 2007.